Social media seems here to stay and all its various guises offer effective ways to keep customers engaged and your business in the forefront of their minds. But, juggling all those social media balls, takes up valuable time. The bottom line is, that in cold, hard monetary terms, time spent updating your various social media channels can be hard to justify.

But before you rush online and disable all your accounts, get in touch with us. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your business and provide a practical assessment of your social media activity. We all have excellent social media intentions, but this doesn’t mean we have to sign up to every new app the moment it is in our inbox (unless of course we are interacting with an audience aged under 25).

Which social media channels you choose depends on a number of factors including the age and interest of your target market, the nature and purpose of your posts, and of course your business aims.

Once we’ve got a clear idea of the channels that will work for you, we’ll put a practical plan for updating into place. For example, some clients like us to manage their longer, Facebook posts, which are a more permanent representation of their brand, but are happy to pick up the transient (and short) Twitter or Instagram posts. The immediate and transient nature of Twitter, is immediately more forgiving of the ‘heat of the moment’ typo and bizarre word truncations.

Most clients simply brain dump their information into a text or email and we transform it social media gold, that will have your followers eagerly awaiting the next update.