Hello world…!

Welcome to Grassroots Marketing Solutions, a small, but perfectly formed business providing marketing, web development and research solutions to the burgeoning small business sector.


Did you know that in 2015, 99.3% of all private sector businesses were classed as small or medium-sized? or that 3.3 million businesses (67% of all businesses) were classed as sole traders? It’s fair to say the small business market is booming.  Since 2000 1.9m new small businesses have come to market and 1.7m of these are classed as non-employing, meaning the owner is the sole employee.

In the South West in 2015 over 167,000 businesses were registered has having fewer than five employees, and in Wiltshire alone there were just under 18,000 businesses in the same category.

So what? you might be saying, well keep those figures in mind when I tell you that a recent report commissioned by GoDaddy estimated that 60% of businesses with less than five employees, did not have a website.

A quick and dirty calculation estimates that the available market in Wiltshire, for small business web development is just under 11,000. Of course, you have to factor in the competition, as everyone (including me!) is now a web designer, but even 1% of that defined market equates to 110 websites and you can guarantee that if they are not online, they probably could do with a little help with their marketing strategy as well.

So here I am, with 20 years experience in the marketing game, poised and ready to provide exquisite, affordable, marketing, research and web development solutions, to small organisations, so they can continue to do what they do best, I can’t wait to hear from you…

Di x