Content marketing

Traditional or digital channels… we love them all. Don’t waste precious time (and money) agonising over the most effective channels or what to write to engage existing or attract new audiences.  We love planning almost as much as we love words and would be delighted to develop your content marketing plan.  

If you already have a plan in place but are struggling to get your digital communications out on time, simply send us a message, and we’ll get your plan back on track in two shakes of a lambs tail…  With over 20 years experience in content writing, communications and marketing, it goes without saying that we’ll happily handle all your offline communications as well.

Quarterly newsletter come round again? no problem. We’ll produce a professional looking newsletter, complete with content that will keep your customers coming back for more.  As more and more newsletters move away from the cumbersome PDF attachment, in favour of more immediate platforms, we’ve kept pace with developments and can produce mobile friendly e-communications in the blink of a digital chimps eye. We promise to keep your inner chimp happy (read Guy Martin’s books if you don’t get the reference) by designing slick, mobile friendly campaigns and newsletters that will engage rather than enrage your customers – of course we’ll supply the accompanying metrics so you can guage effectiveness for youself.

Website desperate for a refresh? get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss bespoke pricing based around your needs.  After all, your time is money and more often than not can be used more profitably than spending hours online updating content that has passed it’s sell by date.

Everyone these days has at least one social media account and probably another couple languishing, unloved, in cyberspace!.  If you’re finding endless updating is eating into your day, talk to us.  Of course, if you’re not updating at all, then we are happy to have that conversation. Savvy marketing is all about correct digital communication channel selection. Social media may be great for some but less effective for others, and understanding the relationship between social media, turnover and your reputation, should dictate the amount of effort you put into keeping your online presence fresh and lovely.

Content writing is our speciality.  From just one open and honest meeting where we discuss you, your business, your objectives and your communications strategy, we guarantee to produce authentic copy, identifiable as you, but on a really good day.  That’s not being bigheaded, it’s simply our job.